Johnson Creek weeHouse Prefab

Wow, check out this stunning, prefab home located in Honesdale, Pennsylvania.  Just like the Marfa Weehouse, a home we talked about a long time ago, this home was designed by Alchemy Architects.  The Johnson Creek weeHouse is a 2,200 sf retreat home consisting of the main living area for daily activities and a small tower for less intenstive activities, like sleeping.  The two parts are connected by a patio bridge and the entire home is surrounded by the heavily wooded site.   

Gander at the images and note the simplicity of construction.  We’re talking about, I believe, a total of four modules with some extras.  And generally speaking, the materials used are similar to those used in other weeHouses.  The result: high design at a more approachable price.

The various problems with prefab have been discussed often, but as companies start to ramp up production, the benefits and green aspects of prefab, I believe, become more dominant.  And according to a recent article in Portland Monthly, approximately 20 weeHouses have been sold since 2002.  That number may seem small, but it’s not.  With each house, the process becomes more refined and homes get better and better …






Image credits: weeHouse.