Gwanggyo Green Power Centre

This is Gwanggyo Power Centre, a concept design for a new town located roughly 20 miles south of Seoul, South Korea.  MVRDV won a competition with this design, which consists of skinny, hill-shaped buildings that contain housing, offices, parking, retail, leisure, and educational spaces.  Although the concept plan is currently under review for feasibility and cost estimations, if everything moves forward, Gwanggyo Power Centre will become a self-sustaining town of 77,000 inhabitants. 

Gwanggyo Power Centre

The Power Centre is remarkably green, but that’s all for a purpose.  The design is intended to mimic and link to the lake and hills (and the natural environment surrounding the site).  It was conceived in rings because the town has different needs for phasing, positioning, and size.  Every structure has a terrace with plantations for outdoor life.  The plantations are fed by a floor-to-floor circulation system that stores water for irrigation.  The end result is a vertical park that reduces energy and water usage.

The towers each feature prominent voids that act as atriums, lobbies, and plazas and also provide light and ventilation.  Gwanggyo Power Centre, as currently planned, anticipates having over 2 million square feet for housing, 2 million square feet for parking, 500 thousand square feet for offices, and over 2 million square feet for culture, retail, leisure, and education.  That’s a development comprising ~6.5 million square feet of space. 

If you like this project, you may also be interested in a sky village also designed by MVRDV called Rødovre Tower.  Similar to Gwanggyo Power Centre, Rødovre Tower features accessible green spaces throughout the building. 




[+] MVRDV Wins City Centre Competition

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