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If you read tech blogs, you may have noticed that Facebook Connect is spreading like crazy.  We’re happy to announce that the commenting system that we use, Disqus, is now supporting Facebook Connect.  Unfortunately (and as is always the case), this new feature is kind of in beta: there are two glitches.  First, if you already have a Disqus profile and you’ve linked up Facebook in your Disqus profile, your Facebook Connect comments will be under a different profile.  Second, posting comments on Jetson Green may, in the future, allow you to publish the same in your Facebook profile news feed, but not for the time being.  The Disqus team is working on these features.  If you want to start commenting with Facebook Connect, here’s how:

Step 1:  Choose the Facebook Connect Radial, Click Connect with Facebook:


Step 2:  Log in to Facebook, Click Connect:


Step 3: Start Typing While Logged In:


Step 4: Hit Publish and Get a Profile Link Back to Facebook:


That’s it!  Pretty simple …

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