Embody Ups the Green Chair Ante

Embody Chair by Herman Miller

I’ve been a happy and devoted Haworth Zody user for over a year and my chair is time-tested, blogger-approved — it’s a beautiful hoss.  But my other chair, the office one, is quite hobbled and needs replacing.  So when I was walking the exhibit floor at Greenbuild, the Herman Miller Embody chair caught my eye in a big way.  Depending on the color you go for, it’s a loud chair, if not flamboyant, but that’s all part of its intrinsic ambition — and probably why Embody will be the next, must-have chair for stylish office types. 

Embody Embody_chair

Embody is made from 42% recycled materials, is 95% recyclable after its lifecycle, and contains no PVCs.  It’s also Cradle-to-Cradle Silver certified and GREENGUARD certified.  Additionally, the chair is made in a facility that generates an average of ~77 pounds of landfill per month, has eliminated all hazardous waste generation, and uses 100% renewable energy. 

Embody was designed to optimize the way you work at the computer, so your ability to keep task in comfort has the potential to increase.  The back of the chair mimics a human spine — it flexes and flows to your movements to provide continual back support.  I tested one at Greenbuild and was impressed.  Just like the ads say: Sitting on an Embody chair feels like you’re floating on air. 

Read more about the chair and design story.  Retail price: $1,595.

Embodyback Embodyback2


Image credits: Herman Miller.

  • http://www.beardcrumbs.com Jeff

    The Embody looks like a fine chair… But are you serious about your Haworth needing to be replaced after just one year?? You call that time-tested? I don’t know what you’re doing in that thing, but to me it sounds like that was a piece of junk. Or are you just caving to impulsive ‘green’ consumerism?

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      No, no, Jeff, let’s back up … I’ll add some context to clarify now, but I’m a lawyer by day, blogger by night. My blog chair, the Zody, is strong as ever with no problems in the slightest. My work chair is an inherited piece that’s probably 15 years old — it’s the one that needs replacing.

      • http://www.beardcrumbs.com Jeff

        Sorry, I misread. Thanks for the clarification.

        • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

          No biggie, I’m glad you said that because I don’t want people to think my blog chair is a piece of junk. Added some clarity above there to avoid that. Thanks.

  • jtnoonan

    This chair is very impressive – it may have taken years and millions to develop, but it could be worth the wait! I finally ordered mine on Friday – black fabric on the graphite frame…can’t wait! It seems there are only a few sites selling them – I went with HermanMillerSeating.com…seemed like the most legit site.

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