Echo Series Designer Green Furniture

Echo Series Green Furniture

Christian Brown Design just released a new line of eco-friendly furniture called Echo Series.  The green furniture is made from salvaged wood, reclaimed panels of eco-resin, and stainless steel rods, cap screws, and connector bolts.  By design, the panels levitate above reclaimed wood blocks and captivate the eye with a woodsy, contemporary style.  Christian Brown uses panels manufactured by 3form and much of the wood appears to be salvaged pine.  Plus, with all the variations in wood stains and eco-resin colors, the possibilities are practically endless.   

As far as pricing is concerned, Chris tells us that the smaller sized tables are ~$700 and the larger sized end tables are ~$850.   The sofa table and long coffee table versions are priced higher depending on the specific size and materials selected.

Echo Series

Echo Series

Echo Series


Image credits: Christian Brown Design.

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