Re:Vision Dallas Design Charrette

What would it take to create a fully sustainable city block in downtown Dallas?  That’s the question and discussion that will begin this Friday, December 5, 2008, at Dallas City Hall.  The City of Dallas, in collaboration with Urban Re:Vision and Building Community Workshop, is hosting a Design Charrette to examine the framework and community impact of a sustainable, urban square block.  And by sustainable, the vision is to create a place that is healthy in social, economic, and environmental terms. 

The purpose of Friday’s meeting is to create a set of recommendations that will become the structure of an international design competition to create the sustainable city block.  Topics will include: energy systems, transportation, the natural and developed environment, community, the economy, and technology.

Although the precise location of the city block has yet to be announced, Dallas Observer reports that Mayor Tom Leppert will reveal details of the location at the beginning of the Design Charrette.  Apparently, the sustainable city block will be "very central."  Hmmm, where could that be?  South downtown?  Reunion Arena?  Any predictions?

I must say, it feels good to have my hometown on the bleeding edge of green innovation with this project.  We’ve all been quick to mention international sustainable projects, such as Xeritown, Masdar, Dongtan, Zorlu, and Hammarby Sjöstad, but with Re:Vision Dallas, we get the opportunity to try something here on our own turf.  This is great news and we’ll keep you posted.