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I am very excited to let you all know that Benjamin Moore’s newest line of eco-friendly paint, Natura, offers no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).  Volatile organic compounds are the chemicals, usually found in paint, that toxify your indoor air quality.  I’ve been waiting for this day because while other no-VOC paints are available on the market, I don’t think that you can beat the quality of Benjamin Moore. 


Natura is so impressive, as far as the elimination of VOC’s, that a third party tester rated Natura of having the least total VOC’s of any similar product on the market — at least in this country!  If you’re going to make a product, it might as well be the best right?  Now, I have not had the opportunity to try this paint because it is currently only available in WA, CA, OR and TX.  This spring, it will debut in the rest of the country. 

Natura exceeds the LEED requirements for paint and also qualifies for Green Guard certification.  It dries to the touch in half an hour and can be re-coated in an hour, which saves you time.  Further information, such as color palette, is not available on their site yet, but usually Benjamin Moore’s eco-lines are available in almost any color, including custom mixes.  This is one area where the product will surge ahead of other products on the market.  Home Depot’s line, for instance, has a limited color palette and custom mixes are not available.  If Benjamin Moore’s Natura is anything like their Aura in terms of quality, I will be hooked.  We’ll see come this spring!

[Ed. note] A couple weeks ago, Natura was selected as a 2008 Top-10 Green Building Product by BuildingGreen.