Benjamin Moore Debuts No-VOC Paint

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I am very excited to let you all know that Benjamin Moore’s newest line of eco-friendly paint, Natura, offers no volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).  Volatile organic compounds are the chemicals, usually found in paint, that toxify your indoor air quality.  I’ve been waiting for this day because while other no-VOC paints are available on the market, I don’t think that you can beat the quality of Benjamin Moore. 


Natura is so impressive, as far as the elimination of VOC’s, that a third party tester rated Natura of having the least total VOC’s of any similar product on the market — at least in this country!  If you’re going to make a product, it might as well be the best right?  Now, I have not had the opportunity to try this paint because it is currently only available in WA, CA, OR and TX.  This spring, it will debut in the rest of the country. 

Natura exceeds the LEED requirements for paint and also qualifies for Green Guard certification.  It dries to the touch in half an hour and can be re-coated in an hour, which saves you time.  Further information, such as color palette, is not available on their site yet, but usually Benjamin Moore’s eco-lines are available in almost any color, including custom mixes.  This is one area where the product will surge ahead of other products on the market.  Home Depot’s line, for instance, has a limited color palette and custom mixes are not available.  If Benjamin Moore’s Natura is anything like their Aura in terms of quality, I will be hooked.  We’ll see come this spring!

[Ed. note] A couple weeks ago, Natura was selected as a 2008 Top-10 Green Building Product by BuildingGreen.

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  • Mark L.

    It’s nowhere near as good as Mythic ( and you can be sure this un-pronounceable line from BM will have a limited palette unless you want to reintroduce VOC’s to your home. If so, buy NACHOO-RA or whatever.

    • james J.

      mark L. are you the guy from area 51 that mythic always shows in the ad.( see Back page aug paint dealer) natura will be available in the full color range offered by bm. Maybe wait and see what happens in north america before you go off your meds.
      james j.

    • Brandon

      very wrong. bm natura will be available in every BM color. Using there new Gennex waterbourne tint system it will also add ZERO VOC to the paint. That means ANY color, NO VOC. Best Choice in my eyes.

      • Brandon

        that was for Mark L

  • Barney Pretty-Frank

    The line is becoming complete:
    Aura, the snora (er) for those that believe in mood rings
    EcoSpec, for those that savor the complicated
    And Na Choo Rah (sounds like a sneeze) for those that are hypo-allergenic and paint in the nude

    I’m cracking myself up here.

    JJ, did something different happen in South America? Did Na, Na choo, Rah save the Rain Forest or something? Sounds a bit like a tribal chant…

    • james J.

      BPF, yea i kinda get yhe sneeze thing, i don’t get the rest. sounds more like a rival rant not a tribal chant .Rain forest? Where does that come from.Your taking this way to serious.
      Did you score some meds from Mark and take some of the Mythic Kool-aide.

      • Pretty Barney

        From You: “Maybe wait and see what happens in north america before you go off your meds.”
        Hence, I wondered if something had happened in South America or some other continent.

        Na Choo Rah, God Bless Me, I need to get a tissue, see you later…

  • Joe Pa

    Don’t understand how it could be worse than Mythic if it offers the lowest VOC in the country. And it says right on the site that it comes in any color.

    • Anonymous

      All paint manufacturers say that they can “match any color” and some actually share the same colorant systems. Benjamin Moore is the only paint that I know that actually manufactures its own colorants- including the new waterborne ones- and most of their own resins.

      I have never had a good experience when the Benjamin Moore paint color is matched in another brand

  • Bob Chambers

    I think its pronounced Nay-Too-Rah.

    The big selling point is that Natura is zero – voc from start to finish, but still applies buttery smooth. I heard that Mythic is zero-voc, but needs colorants (to make your color) that still have voc’s.

    That makes absolutely no sense… Mythic, it’s zero-voc (until you go home to use it). I’ll stick with the Ben Moore paint, besides, there is no limit on color selection. I just want things to be easy and environmentally responsible.

  • Anonymous

    Natura uses the same waterborne colorant used in Aura., so it would be zero VOC when tinted- unlike the majority of paints on the market that use the traditional colorants. With these paints the more colorant used, the higher the VOC.

    Also I have been told that Natura has a protective resin that is highly refibned to eliminate VOCs. And yes it is available in all BM colors!

  • Bob Chambers

    I did some checking…

    Mythic is available in non-voc from start to finish, but you need to order it directly from Ace/Mythic and have it shipped. If you purchase it at Ace, then you will low voc paint (not zero voc). Hope you order correctly and dont need anything for touch ups.

    Natura is non-voc from the get-go and uses the same colorants as in their Aura paint line. Any color under the sun is available.

  • The PHDoctor

    From a recent release, and can someone tell me why if Na2Rah is the same as Aura why they are both necessary?

    From: CleantechPRWire TM

    November 03, 2008 04:30 PM US Eastern Timezone

    David Gottfried’s home poised to be first bay area renovation to
    receive LEED Homes “Platinum” certification

    Hattiesburg, MS (PRWEB) October 31, 2008 — David Gottfried, founder
    of U.S. Green Building Council and World Green Building Council, has
    selected Mythic Paint ( (Mythic),
    the World’s first high-performance paint with zero volatile organic
    compounds (VOCs) and zero toxins for the interior and exterior of
    his “green” remodeled family home.Gottfried chose Mythic over other low toxin paints because of its unlimited color choices, quality and durability. Also, since Mythic contains no VOCs, he knew it was a healthier choice than the low VOC
    paints. Gottfried’s decision to use Mythic was also reinforced by his
    painting subcontractor. “The painter recommended Mythic,” said
    Gottfried. “They had the utmost confidence in Mythic’s durability,
    and it was obvious that the paint had a strong position within the
    building industry.”

    When he and his wife, Sara Gottfried, M.D., made the decision to
    relocate their family to the walkable neighborhood of Rockridge,
    Calif., they decided to “LEED” the way and set a “green” example in
    the community. The couple purchased a 1915 Craftsman style bungalow
    and began planning a renovation for the most energy efficient home.
    He and his wife, both chemically sensitive, just moved into the newly
    renovated home with their two young children. They wanted to ensure
    there would be no fumes.

    “I have huge respect for the Gottfrieds and what they are aiming to
    achieve in their new home,” said Rocky Prior, president of Mythic
    Paint. “They are setting an example of how Mythic plays a part in
    everyone living healthier lives without sacrificing performance,
    color choices or a healthy home and environment.”

    With the renovation currently in its final stages, the home is slated
    to be rated LEED “Platinum,” the first renovated home at that level
    in the Bay Area and potentially in California. To qualify
    for “Platinum” certification, homes are required to meet a minimum of
    90* of the 136 points in the LEED for Homes rating system. Homes are
    measured based on eight resource categories:

    – Location and connection to community

    – Use of entire property to minimize impact on sites; sustainability

    – Water efficiency and conservation

    – Indoor environmental air quality

    – Use, durability and recycling of materials and resources

    – Energy efficiency

    – Homeowner’s education for green features

    – Innovation and design process

    *Note: the minimum point threshold can be lowered or raised by 10
    points based on the size of the house. The Gottfried home’s small
    size contributed to lowering the Platinum point threshold to 80
    points. Gottfried’s preliminary scoring shows the home achieving
    around 100 points; 20 over Platinum!

    Mythic Paint is a guaranteed high-performance paint, available in a
    1,232-color palette and can also be matched to any competitors color
    through a VOC-free coloring system. Mythic Paint is available in
    independent hardware stores nationally, and can be ordered online at or by calling our customer service at 1-888-714-9422.

  • Alicia

    I just redid my bathroom and used a FANTASTIC 0 VOC paint, YOLO Colorhouse. I used to use Benjamin Moore for everything, not anymore! :)

  • Evgenia Gleyzer

    I painted child’s room more then 3 months ago with BM Natura -” fresh air !!!” – till now smells very bed, nothing helps. I do not recommend it at all.

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