Possibility Series

I’ve just recently come across an interesing company, Way Basics, that’s making eco-friendly furniture blocks called zBoards.  zBoards are made from post-consumer recycled paper and can be recycled with no waste when their use is over.  Their website markets the zBoards with one, main, simple statement: No Waste.  No Rules.  No Tools.  And it’s a compelling premise, especially if you’ve ever spent some time putting together an IKEA drawer or something.  zBoards and blocks are put together using a super-strong adhesive tape (not sure whether the tape is low-VOC or anything like that).   

1 shelf

As you can tell, zBoards come in a variety of colors and light and dark wood grains.  Plus, there’s seriously an infinite number of configurations you could come up with.  Way Basics also says they’re super strong and weigh 62% less than particle board. 

All in all, the prices seem decent and the designs below are whimsical and creative.  Drop a comment below if you’ve used zBoards or have any thoughts on this innovative, green furniture product.

Way Basics

2shelf 3shelf

Psbk2 Psblack

Photo credits: Way Basics.