Verdier Upgrades Solar Eco-Camper


Over a year ago, we mentioned Verdier Van & Camper’s Eco-Camper, the posh recreational throwback to VW’s Westfalia, and it looks like the Solar Power Eco-Camper has a new look.  Verdier now offers five different personalities of the award-winning vehicle: Woody, Geeky, Ebony, Blueberry, and Purity.  The eco-camper configuration is an add-on package available in any personality and entails solar panels, hybrid engine, Sun Tracker system, two gazebos, a second floor area, sliding door with integrated ladder, folding furniture, cargo storage, etc.  The price?  $129,000. 


Verdier features a hybrid, 2.7 liter engine with a four-speed automatic transmission.  It also comes with two large batteries that can be powered by the 12-watt solar panels or by running the engine.  The Sun Tracker system ensures that the solar panels get the maximum amount of energy. 

Verdier is taking reservations for the "New Pioneers Edition" of 250 vehicles.  Jetson Green is also taking donations of a New Pioneers Edition Ebony Solar Power Eco-Camper if anyone is in the giving mood.  Hint.

Verdier Woody




Image credit: Verdier Van & Camper, 2008.

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  • Eddie Lee

    I liked the concept but it would be cheaper to buy a hybrid suv and a prefab trailer on a hitch that my include a kitchenette.

  • Joyce

    Are low-VOC materials, furnishings, and finishes used inside to maintain good indoor air quality?

    • Preston

      What? You mean the Eco-Camper shouldn’t come with new car smell? :) Other than the leather seat trim, I didn’t see specifics on the interior materials, etc.

  • Will

    The biodiesel version smells like french fries…

    NYT had a lengthier article about “Greening the RV” last weekend. One profiled RV netted 40 gallons of rainwater.

    • Preston

      Nice link Will, I missed that article. I didn’t realize Verdier was planning to have these out on the road by next summer 2009. That’s coming up!

  • Keith

    Is this camper a reality or just graphics?

    Meanwhile if your coming to Australia ecocampervans has an expandable alternative to big resource hungry motorhomes that you can hire now!

    Cheers Keith

  • greenerguy

    Ahhh Yes… Nothing but love for this baby.

    I do think we are heading in the right direction in thinking. Not just because of this blog post but the general public is turning to a post Bush era of less oil and smaller transport. For the green advocate this will be our golden decade.

  • Al Gore

    Coolest camper I have ever seen.

  • Automatic Transmission

    This is very attractive, but I surprise about the ratio of energy use to weight. Batteries are heavy, and solar power may only gives enough energy to transport the weight of the battery. I think this may be the image more than it is the practice of sustainability.

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