Shout Out for Thanksgiving 2008


Hope you’re all enjoying this fine autumn holiday and hanging with friends and family. Not to get all historical and such, but Thanksgiving has some interesting roots. It’s my understanding that the holiday we now recognize harkens back to when the colonists and natives got together and had a meal of thanks in celebration for the harvest. Imagine all the work and sweat and travail that went into the harvest. Imagine those years when the harvest was slim. When the harvest was abundant. Life is crazy like that.

I certainly have nothing to complain about and want to shout out to you for your readership, comments, emails, and friendship. Let’s turn this thing up another notch over the next year and meet back. And just so you know, posting on this end is going to be a bit slower because I’m with family and, well, wireless internet is sort of non-existent.

Image credit: Nature_photonutt.

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    I grew up on the banks of the upper Iowa Mississippi River Valley. The scene looked much like your picture each fall. I miss that so very much. It was my favorite time of year. Thanks for the warm picture.

  • Blanco

    Thanks for JetsonGreen

    • Preston

      Thanks, Blanco!

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