Reclaimed Spaces

Why not build a prefab almost entirely out of reclaimed materials?  That’s what Reclaimed Space founder Tracen Gardner wants to do.  Mr. Gardner was in between contracting jobs and began constructing a portable building using primarily reclaimed materials.  In the process, he liked what he was doing so much that he decided to create Reclaimed Space to continue building modular, passively-designed cabins.  To start off with, the company will build spaces from 240 square feet and at prices in the range of $115 to $160 psf (min. $25k). 


Reclaimed Space designs feature a single pitch roof, efficient insulation, cross-ventilation window design, roof overhangs, and active solar power compatibility.  They can be built to almost any specifications and delivered on a trailer, too. 

Reclaimed Space isn’t the first company to experiment with material reclamation — the REX House Project is an adventure in the same.  But Reclaimed Space could just be the first company to combine reclaimed materials, prefab, and efficiently-sized homes all in one project.   

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Rendering credits: Reclaimed Space.