Nzinga Modern Modular Town Homes

Nzinga Townhomes

Check out these modern green town homes being developed by Yolande Nicholson called Nzinga Town Homes.  Designed by Garrison Architects (the same firm that brought you the Tread Lightly House), each Nzinga Town Home residence consists of 2900 total square feet with 2000 sf of living space and 900 sf for a separate apartment space.  The homes are open, airy, and abundant with natural light, but if you’re looking for a little privacy, the vertical trellis work seems just right for a green wall and some natural shading. 

Garrison Architects designed the town homes with a few green features in mind: Energy Star appliances, green walls, solar generated ventilation plus an option for solar generated heating and cooling, high efficiency mechanical system, and a building integrated graywater system.

If you’re curious, the developer named the development after a fourteenth century African queen.  Nzinga Town Homes will be located on New York Avenue near the cross streets of Herkimer Street and Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.  Yolande Nicholson expects to move forward with construction in early 2009, and you could grab one for the current price of $1.1 million. 


Nzinga Townhouses

Nzinga Interior

Noticed at GreenBuildingsNYC.

Image credits: Garrison Architects.

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  • EcoLabel Fundraising

    Very NYC. Definitely fits the bill! Nice concept.

    • Preston

      Gonna be nice to see the real deal … curious what the exterior cladding will be made of.

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