More Mobile edited by Jennifer Siegal

We’re giving a copy of this book away to one lucky commenter below, so make sure to say something before midnight on Friday, November 14, 2008.*

If you’re a prefab enthusiast or in any way interested in portable architecture, you should read More Mobile: Portable Architecture for TodayMore Mobile is an expansion of the ideas presented in the original book called Mobile: The Art of Portable Architecture.  Both were edited by the venerable and very popular Jennifer Siegal, founder of Office of Mobile Design, and I suggest you sit down and take some time to enjoy this second iteration. 

The book is chock full of images and examples of portable architecture, which you’ll certainly enjoy, but there’s more to it than that.  For instance, there’s an introductory essay by William J. Mitchell called "A House is a Robot for Living In" that I felt was thought provoking.  For me, after reading the introduction, the pages became somewhat self-propelling, and I just cruised through to the end fully captivated. 

More Mobile features the work of some of the following well-known artists, designers, and architects:

  • Studio-Orta
  • Dre Wapenaar
  • Andrea Zittel
  • Andrew Maynard
  • Andreas Vogler
  • Horden Cherry Lee Architects
  • N55
  • Atelier Bow-Wow
  • The Mark Fisher Studio
  • MMW
  • LOT-EK
  • Office of Mobile Design

Jennifer Siegal writes: "The future of mobile architecture is unfolding rapidly.  As our buildings become more portable and adaptable, they become more useful.  Before long we will shed the bulk and excess of static environments as we look to Generation Mobile and its long-term solutions for the uprooting of today’s built structures."

To catch a glimpse of Siegal’s non-static architectural world, you could certainly walk to your nearest bookstores and grab a copy for $24.95, but you could also order More Mobile from Amazon for ~$16.47.  Your choice, but highly recommended. 

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