This building in Cambridge, England is not only called “Creative Exchange,” but it functions as one, too.  Designed by 5th Studio, the structure has a purposely small footprint and smart design that allows natural light to flood into interior spaces.  The interior spaces are open and function more flexibly than a typical office so occupants can collaborate and share ideas.  Similarly, the top floor has a working garden that also facilitates congregation and interaction among the occupants.  Other than the few private workspace areas, everything is quite open and communal at Creative Exchange. 


As far as sustainability is concerned, Creative Exchange was built with exposed concrete for thermal mass, natural ventilation / cooling to conserve energy, and large windows to minimize the need for artificial lighting.  Plus, look at the beautiful surrounding terrain.  Of course, to work in a building with a view of such serene surroundings, you have to place the structure smack dab in the middle of those surroundings – there’s a trade off involved in providing space like this, but still, it’s quite nice …




Photo credits: Tim Soar.

First noticed at Design Boom.