Live The Box Multifamily Container Proposal Winners Announced!

Live The Box

A combination of various groups, including AIA Newark, Skanska, and Young Architects Forum, put together the Live The BOX competition to find innovative, visionary, and compelling proposals for container constructed, multifamily, mixed- use projects.  The competition received tons of interesting container design entries, but only three won (with three more Honorable Mentions).  Designs had to use standard shipping containers of 8′-6" height and either 20′ or 40′ length as main building blocks for the structure.  Make sure to check out the winners below … Also, I’ll update this article as I find better images. 

1.  Felix Heldgen, Thomas Nagy (Princeton, NJ)


2.  MODULAIRE: Hugo Mijares, Tulio Lopez, Ricardo Hernandez (Miami, FL)


3.  Tang & Yang Architects LLC: Ming Tang, Dihua Yang (Savannah, GA)


Honorable Mention: Giuseppe Mecca (Firenze, Italy)


Honorable Mention: David Rooth (Larchmont, NY)


Honorable Mention: FarsStudio: Patchara Wongboonsin, Ornnicha Duriyaprapan (Bangkok, Thailand)


Rendering credits: Live the BOX.

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    There are plenty of workable models already out there: why this waste of time and money when they could instead be honing what exists, finding ways to bring down cost (integrated systems specifically for container homes – like SIPS panels, foundations), focusing on changing building codes state by state – as well as land use and zoning: we have enough pretty examples to smile at: a real challenge for anyone -student, novice or Master seeking to “Design Like You Give A ____” would be to go and grapple with the bureaucracy. We must create new pockets of urban centers along our existing interstates – with needs met (built) locally as well to prepare for our impending population expansion head on – as opposed to making more pretty examples and suddenly our urban infrastructures are collapsing beneath the weight of millions too many. Another major stumbling block: financing. Seeking it for such a home now would be laughable, in the very not funny ha ha manner, where your wife and baby are crying. Thank you for your time.

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