Gottfried Home - LEED Platinum

We’ve seen a ton of LEED Platinum homes on this site, but today’s home achieves something new.  USGBC founder David Gottfried and his family recently finished the green renovation of their 1440 square foot Craftsman bungalow, a home that was originally built in 1915, and took it through the LEED for Homes certification process.  In doing so, they received a total of 106.5 points (out of a total 136) and the noteworthy accomplishment of being the highest-scoring green home renovation since LEED-H launched earlier this year.  The Platinum home is designed to be net-zero energy and utilizes technology such as solar photovoltaics and a solar- and hydronic-powered water heating system. 

The Gottfried Home captures rainwater for use in toilets and recycles graywater to maintain the landscaping.  You’ll notice from the images, also, that David installed a Lifepod in the backyard — a 120 sf steel building with 50% fly ash floors.  When it comes time to go to work, he skips the commute and walks into the backyard, easily getting down to business in the comfort of a work space topped out with solar panels.   

Beyond the green features and record-breaking certification, however, there’s a more important lesson on display.  This home is an unassuming, renovated, 1440 square foot space healthily housing a four-person family.  It’s so refreshing!  With the burgeoning belt of American life pushing the average size of American homes to ~2500 square feet, the Gottfried Home represents true leadership from a seasoned green building leader and his family. 

[+] Gottfried Home LEED Platinum Press Release [11/18/08]

Gottfried Home

Lifepod Solar Power

Image credits: David & Sara Gottfried.

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