Kevin Rose sat down with Al Gore in a collaboration between Digg Dialogg and Current to talk about various crowd-sourced issues and topics.  Other than some of the questions about marijuana, ManBearPig, and Futurama, I found the interview pretty interesting.  Gore was impressively adroit, astute even, in his responses, showing a deep understanding of environmental issues and how they’re all interconnected.  I’ve listed the questions below, in case you’re looking to hear Mr. Gore talk about a certain topic of interest.  It’s a short, twenty-six minute video, so make sure to give it a view and enjoy. 

  1. Why is the drug that kills no one (marijuana), the illegal one?
  2. Since Obama won, would there be a possibility that he’ll offer you the position as head of EPA, and if he did, would you take it?
  3. What is your view on Net Neutrality?
  4. What is your response to the latest MIT study that contradicts the claim that global warming is man made? 
  5. What is your view on genetically modified foods and industrial agriculture?
  6. What are your thoughts on opening up the election process to third party candidates?
  7. Do you feel as though a two-party system is sufficient for our country or would you encourage more third-party involvement?
  8. What is your opinion on clean coal technology, off-shore drilling, and nuclear energy as solutions to America’s dependence on foreign oil?
  9. Do you believe that the government will have to step in and mandate some sort of alternative fuel usage? 
  10. Could you elaborate on your long term strategy for spreading ManBearPig awareness?
  11. Do you feel Obama will do enough to fix the energy crisis?
  12. Al you said you would start a Twitter account … have you and can you commit to updating on a consistent basis?  @al_gore.
  13. Do you think the U.S. will ever be ready for an atheist president?
  14. Are you going to be in any more Futurama episodes?

[+] Watch Al Gore & Kevin Rose on Current