Garcia Modern Green Home Takes Award

Garcia Home Twilight

This home took first place in the St. Louis Magazine AT HOME‘s 2008 Architect and Design Awards in category of Best Residential Architecture Less Than 4,000 Square feet.  Designed by Killeen Studio, the modern abode is a slightly lighter shade of green than the ones we usually feature — it has a four car garage — but there are solid green features nonetheless:  recyclable metal panels, bamboo floors, Energy Star appliances, efficient windows, and tons of natural light.  Plus, the 2,550 square foot home was built in a location that’s perfect for the owners, Ivan and Jennifer Garcia, so the environmental impact of their transportation has been minimized in a big way. 

Garcia House

The interior is undeniably clean and tastefully minimalist — a style that’s hard to beat.  Some people think minimalism is cold and uninviting, but with this home, the warm, earthy colors mitigate against that.  Plus with all those windows and natural light, the owners hardly need to use electrical lighting during the day.   

[=] Garcia Home – Killeen Studio
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Garcia House Garcia kitchen

Garcia Kitchen Garcia House

Garcia Bedroom Garcia House

Photo credits: Killeen Studio. 

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  • greenerguy

    It sure stands out with it’s neighbors.

  • sandy g

    It looks like someone dropped a commercial office in a residential neighborhood. Is this modern esthetic so important that designers are forgetting the things that are important in good home design, passive layout, front porch, window overhangs and beautiful roof lines?

    • jonathan

      I like how it looks. opinions are just opinions (both yours and mine)

    • Kaimonster

      to me, a flat roof is beautiful. it doesn’t seem like the 2 houses next to it are exhibiting what you claim as good home design either. at least i’m seeing passive design incorporated, windows in the front and back for cross ventilation.

  • Joyce

    While it has a certain aesthetic appeal, it doesn’t exactly blend seamlessly into the neighborhood!

    • Preston

      Although the style certainly differs from the neighborhood, I don’t think it’s necessarily out of context. It’s set back at the same distance as other homes and rises to the same height. I’d much rather have a home like this in my neighborhood, than some of the behemoth “traditional” homes that can tower over existing homes of established neighborhoods. Plus, it’s an award winner — and the panel included some venerable judges.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, the scale is right, the materials seem compatible meaning I don’t see any glaring primary colors on the facade. There are shading devices over the windows, none of the neighbors have front porches. I don’t see it standing out in anyway except style, and in that regard the two houses on either side do not match either.

    Sloped roof does not equal “beautiful roof lines” to me. That just seems simplistic and romantic. There seem to be a lot of assumptions tossed into the general statement about “good home design”. I think there are a lot of good design decisions here beyond the houses environmental status. I think we need to lighten up about style – its the same kind of bias that works against the advance of green building in general.

    • Chad Ludeman

      What lavardera said. He’s right on the money here.

  • selophane

    Speaking as someone trained in preservation, I feel that (from these photos) this IS an example of GOOD infill modern architecture. The building is a comparable height to its neighbors, and the programmatic massing of covered entry next to windows is equivalent to its neighbors.

    Too often people look at a building and decide that because it does not look like its neighbors that it does not belong. Modern infill buildings SHOULD NOT look like their neighbors, instead they should follow similar rules and massing properties, but they it should be obvious that they are not part of the original fabric of the neighborhood.

    I wrote al of this before seeing Lavardera’s comment. He is right on the money.

  • greenerguy

    Nothing wrong with standing out… even though it has a commercial look and feel to it… I find the design appealing for a home.

  • pure mod life

    pretty home, love the windows…and why would you want to blend in?

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