Eleek Offers Recycled Metal Products

Mackintosh Numbers

Eco-friendly hardware can certainly be a challenge to find, but Eleek Incorporated of Portland, Oregon offers a hip line of recycled metal hardware for your home.  Their offerings include door handles, door pulls, switch-plates, house numbers, and signs in addition to unique lighting options and beautiful recycled metal sinks for bath and kitchen. 

Eleek is dedicated to sustainability — running on 100% green electricity, using soy-based inks whenever possible, re-using and recycling their own waste, and making sure that 80% of their materials come from within 50 miles of their shop.  Their company car even runs on biodiesel, getting 50+ miles to the gallon. 

Their designs are mostly rustic-feeling, but while some are decorative, others are sleek and minimalistic.  For all of us who have been searching in vain for a great green hardware company, it looks like Eleek has granted our wish.  I personally love the house numbers (featured above) as well as their 90% recycled cast bronze farmer sink (below).


Wave Windsorsquare

Lattice_2 Victorian

Industrio1 Bellissimo Cube

Image credits: Eleek. 

  • ryan

    Eleek definitely has some nice hardware and fixtures but price puts it out of the range for most I would think….$1400 CAD for a sconce light fixture seems a touch excessive…props for there sustainable efforts but white collars that can afford such things tend not to care so much about the environment..in my experience.

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