Iconic Dubai Anara Tower Looking Forward to LEED Silver Certification

Anara Tower

Developer Tameer Holding has another iconic tower in the works for Dubai called Anara Tower.  Designed by Atkins, the 600 meter (~1969 feet) tower won’t be as tall as the world’s tallest tower, Burj Dubai, which is ~707 meter (~2,320 feet), but it’s not too far behind.  With 125 stories, Anara will have office space, 300 residential apartments, 250 hotel keys, and all sorts of other luxury amenities, such as pools, shops, and sky gardens every 27 floors. The design was inspired by the minaret, tall spires near Muslim mosques, with a purpose of being instantly recognizable worldwide. 

Tameer Holding has a goal of seeking LEED Silver certification, although, based purely on these renderings, I don’t think they’re going for SSc8.  (You might be a LEED AP if you’re laughing at this right now.)  All joking aside, Device Daily reports that some of the Energy & Atmosphere and Water Efficiency credits may be difficult to capture with this project.  I imagine Atkins has all that worked out, though. 

Anara Tower will be located on Sheikh Zayed Road at the entrance of Dubai Media City.  Construction on Anara Tower is rumored to begin in the fourth quarter of 2009.

Anara Tower

Anara Tower Rendering

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As a side note, I don’t want to wrongfully impute anything to this project, but it’s hard to talk about Dubai architecture without mentioning the social and environment issues.  New buildings rise and the workers that create them are, as mentioned in this Guardian article, treated like slaves or 19th Century industrial workers.  Additionally, Thom Mayne warns that Dubai is set for an ecological disaster — I mean, there’s raw sewage washing up near popular beaches.  And with social conditions as they are, the entire scenario is absolutely ridiculous.

Rendering credits: Atkins.

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  • http://itstheplanetdidiot.com Zork

    Humans are amazing us more and more each day. I am thrilled to see you evolving so quickly. We have flown our saucy saucer over Dubai many times and love viewing it from above. This is will be my favorite because of the beauty and especially the LEED certification.

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Zork, you mean to tell me that these huge Dubai buildings don’t get in the way of your flight patterns?

  • http://senju-supertalls.blogspot.com/ SENJU

    I do not think Thorn Mayne knows what he is talking about. Raw sewage washing up in beaches has nothing to do with this project so it is a very stupid article to mentioned that. All big cities have raw sewage washing up. Also, Dubai is in a transition state so give them a break. They have professional city planners from all over the world helping to create Dubai. They know what they are doing. Dubai will be one of the greenest, cleanest cities in the world.

    • http://www.jetsongreen.com Preston

      Senju, with all due respect, I did say, “I don’t want to impute anything to this project …” So there might be a disconnect in terms of communication.

      This article has three links to recent, reputable news outlets and they’re all talking about Dubai. Mayne was talking about ecological disaster. BBC News was talking about sewage. And The Guardian was talking about labor conditions. Follow the links, if you like. These stories all refer to Dubai and Anara Tower is planned for Dubai. Note the connection.

  • Marc

    You hardly need Thom Mayne or any other chic architect or advocate, to tell you that building grotesquely oversized, resource consumptive, monuments to vanity in a fragile desert environment is a bad idea, even without the repulsive working standards,

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