Rammedearthhouse If you’re even slightly interested in natural building, earth construction, or green design, you should probably read The Rammed Earth House by David Easton.  We’re giving away our copy provided by Chelsea Green, so leave a comment before midnight Friday, October 17, if you’d like to be entered for the giveaway.*  Chock full of helpful and colorful photos by Cynthia Wright, The Rammed Earth House is a fantastic read.  Easton and Wright founded Rammed Earth Works (REW Associates) and over the past thirty years, they’ve designed and built more than 200 residential and commercial rammed earth structures around the world.  With all this experience in a form of construction that dates back to prehistoric times, Easton enunciates the case for earth building and rammed earth houses rather cleverly:  they’re quiet, comfortable, sturdy, durable, timeless, natural, and locally made. 

Many of the structures featured on the portfolio page of REW’s website appear in The Rammed Earth House.  Here’s what you’ll expect in terms of content scope:

  • Introduction
  • The Beginning: Design and Materials
  • The Architectural Plan
  • Preparing to Build
  • Foundations
  • The Essential Soil
  • The Art of Form Building
  • Soil Preparation and Compaction
  • Doors, Windows, Niches, and Fireplaces
  • Bond Beams and Basic Engineering Principles
  • Insulated Walls and Mechanical Systems
  • Roofs and Floors, or After the Wall
  • The House in the Garden
  • Appendix I: How to Identify Soils
  • Appendix II: Restoring the Chew Kew Store
  • Glossary, Suggested Reading, Bibliography

Easton says his book is about "building a house for longevity," and continues "if you succumb to the magic of rammed earth, you won’t regret the effort.

If you don’t win this book giveaway or just can’t wait until Friday, you can order a copy of The Rammed Earth House at Amazon.  There are other bookstores, but this is the one I use. 

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