The Rammed Earth House [Giveaway]

Rammedearthhouse If you’re even slightly interested in natural building, earth construction, or green design, you should probably read The Rammed Earth House by David Easton.  We’re giving away our copy provided by Chelsea Green, so leave a comment before midnight Friday, October 17, if you’d like to be entered for the giveaway.*  Chock full of helpful and colorful photos by Cynthia Wright, The Rammed Earth House is a fantastic read.  Easton and Wright founded Rammed Earth Works (REW Associates) and over the past thirty years, they’ve designed and built more than 200 residential and commercial rammed earth structures around the world.  With all this experience in a form of construction that dates back to prehistoric times, Easton enunciates the case for earth building and rammed earth houses rather cleverly:  they’re quiet, comfortable, sturdy, durable, timeless, natural, and locally made. 

Many of the structures featured on the portfolio page of REW’s website appear in The Rammed Earth House.  Here’s what you’ll expect in terms of content scope:

  • Introduction
  • The Beginning: Design and Materials
  • The Architectural Plan
  • Preparing to Build
  • Foundations
  • The Essential Soil
  • The Art of Form Building
  • Soil Preparation and Compaction
  • Doors, Windows, Niches, and Fireplaces
  • Bond Beams and Basic Engineering Principles
  • Insulated Walls and Mechanical Systems
  • Roofs and Floors, or After the Wall
  • The House in the Garden
  • Appendix I: How to Identify Soils
  • Appendix II: Restoring the Chew Kew Store
  • Glossary, Suggested Reading, Bibliography

Easton says his book is about "building a house for longevity," and continues "if you succumb to the magic of rammed earth, you won’t regret the effort.

If you don’t win this book giveaway or just can’t wait until Friday, you can order a copy of The Rammed Earth House at Amazon.  There are other bookstores, but this is the one I use. 

If you’re interested in the book, drop a comment by midnight MST on Friday, October 17, 2008.  Say where you’re from if you don’t know what to say.  By leaving a comment, you agree to the terms and conditions relating to book giveaways on Jetson Green.  Shipping only within U.S.

  • Terri

    Maybe next contest, you can give away a house too:))
    I’ve seen this book and it has been on my list to read so I hope I win.
    Great informative site:) Thanks

  • Tyler

    Oooooh, pretty! That book would rock my collection. I don’t know much about rammed earth homes, but I dig architecture, fun design, and sustainability, so I’m going to Amazon if I don’t win anyway! Thanks for the contest.

  • susanna

    We are in the process of designing a new sustainable home and I have heard this is a wonderful book. I have been meaning to go out and take a look at it to see what some of the architecture looks like in the photos for ideas, and get more ideas on green design. Please put my name in the drawing!

  • Rod Waynick

    I think that as an architecture student, I could put this book to great use. C’mon. Further education!!!

  • Scott

    I’ve participated in different workshops for building with cob, light straw clay, and stawbale. My next step is to learn about rammed earth, and then I should have enough info to make my decision on how I want to build my upcoming home (we have the land but no house as of yet)! Maybe it will get featured on Jetson Green someday!

    • Preston

      Scott of CelebrateBig, you’re the winner of The Rammed Earth House Book Giveaway. I’ll be emailing you shortly to get your address so that I can mail the book out. Congrats!

      Everyone else, I have a stack of books waiting for giveaway, so keep reading and we’ll have those up soon …

      • Scott

        Thank you so much, Preston! I recently found out about a builder in our area who has done rammed earth construction, so I plan to read the book that you are graciously sending to me so I can “ask some educated questions” and see if this will be the match for building our new home. We’d like to actively participate in the construction process, and several sustainable building approaches can work well for that. It’s now down to either straw bale or rammed earth, so this will help quite a lot in making that important decision. Looking forward to putting this book to directly-applied use!

        Thank you again, and keep up the great work at Jetson Green.

  • Frank Robbins

    I’ve wanted to get my hands on a rammed earth book for a while, put me down!

  • adam davis


    it’d be great for learning more about this type of house design

  • Jenna

    Looks like a fun book. I’m a big fan of alternative home design and sustainable housing/engineering, so this would be a nice addition to my bookshelf.

  • BBRobb

    Love the site, great info. Sustainable living rules!

  • Kam

    This sounds very interesting! I would love to read it!

  • Chris

    i want to ram earth

  • Angela

    Thanks for providing this opportunity to learn more about architecture through this giveaway. I’ve always been interested in edifices and how it relates to mathematics. If I win this book, the knowledge will definitely help my future high school students!

  • kevin minney

    Rammed earth housing seems a wonderful opportunity to low carbon-footprint with building materials sourced from site.
    The beauty and energy saving qualities of the walls are an amzing plus.

  • Patrick

    Sounds like an interesting book to add to the library.

  • Brad

    This is a really cool way to build, but I’ve never seen an entire house built with rammed earth. Would be a very interesting topic to read about.

  • Genisa

    i’ve flipped through this book in the bookstore, and i found even my brief encounter with it to be quite inspiring. as an aspiring designer/builder who longs to go back to nature, i think it would prove indispensable.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to get my hands on this book. I’ve done so much reading on other methods of construction that i feel this would be an ideal addition.
    Great site, keep up the good work.

  • jon

    I want a book already… I like stuff

  • Bill

    I am curious how well they would do in this humid climate. I look forward to reading the book.

  • Brad

    Boulder, Colorado

  • Garren

    Would love to have the book, I have thinking about doing some rammed earth retaining walls.

  • kale

    Being on a very limited budget lately, food, water and electricity. Books are unfortunatly not available. I would love to have this one. Being a General Contractor, I am always trying to expand my knowledge and buisness.

  • ken

    going green is what this and other countries will have to do in the near future. This type of construction makes sense to reduce our carbon footprint, using materials at the building site.

  • Linda

    I’ve seen a rammed earth home that is over 20 years old and it is still as charming and stable as it can be. Two recent upkeep items involved improving the drainage under and around the home and extended the eaves to keep the structure dry in our damp Northwest weather.

  • winner27

    I’ve always loved the thought of a rammed earth house! The book would be an excellent resource.

  • Rocco Chappie

    Scotts Valley, Ca

    Very interested in using rammed earth as a building material….


  • Yasin York

    I am interested in receiving a copy. As an owner of the 1st Worker-owned Reuse Center in the South Bronx increasing our community’s education about the process of going green in their home improvement projects is a daily commitment for us. We hope the copy in our showroom will add additional interest to our shoppers of reusable and surplus Home Improvement projects in the NYC area. To learn more visit or our showroom at 261 Timpson place, Bronx, NY. (718) 742-1111
    Store Hours: Monday: (Closed) Tuesday: (Closed) Wendsday – Friday: 8:30am – 5:00pm. Saturday: 10:00am – 4:00pm. Store Directions: Take The #6 Train To 149th Street Station. Walk One Block Down To Timpson Place, Continue On Until You Reach The Big Green, White, & Black Building. (You Can Also Take The #19 & #17 Bus to 149th)

  • Seth Neal

    Oh man! Enter me for a chance to win!

  • Martini

    Count me in. Rammed earth has always been on the radar as a building material for a home here.

  • Ken

    I am looking into building on a property out in the middle of no where so this would be a great read for me.

  • john umland

    i’m interested,
    john umland
    quaker hill, ct

  • Sean

    We were just discussing the possibilities of rammed earth in the caribbean, here in the studio, and lo*, there’s a competition for just what we were looking for…

    Fingers crossed.
    (*you’re thinking, who says ‘lo’ nowadays?)

  • bruno kudrecki

    i am from santa fe springs ca,
    and I am very interested in green construction.

  • Mike Wascher

    Looks like a lot of the advantages of a masonry home with much easier & less expensive construction.

  • Michael Ralph


  • Benni Blanco


  • Mark Camillo

    I’m very interested in alternative building materials. I believe we should stop building stick framed homes because there are readily available alternatives that humans have been using since antiquity. I’m particularly interested in autoclaved aerated concrete but the rammed earth concept is certainly another idea I’d be interested in learning.

  • Chi

    oooh I’d love to check this book out :) Thanks for the great giveaway 😀

    I’m from Utah, though I live in Iowa these days 😀

  • Jennifer Bennett

    I’ve recently become enamored with rammed earth homes and am dying to learn more about them! I’m all about sustainable forms of architecture. Here’s another awesome concept:

  • Rebecca

    Very cool… It’s not quite a weekend DIY project, but maybe some newlyweds (read: me & my partner) could put it to good use.
    Silicon Valley

  • Jessica

    I’ve been looking into rammed earth housing ever since my fiance and I decided we wanted to have a tiny house. It also helps that his mother worked in architecture and now works in forestry and I’m an intern in my state’s department of ecology. Yay eco-friendly housing!

  • Online Cricket Games

    Daniel from Singapore. We’re kind of limited in land here so we don’t really have the luxury of building green homes here.

  • Anonymous

    Rammed Earth construction is probably the most innovative way to build to the site. By using the local site soil to make part of the structure gives it so much personality. This is definitely a method I choose to use someday when building a house for myself.

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