Six Prefab Passive House Designs

Villa Varde Villa Tartan

Kjellgren Kaminsky Architects have designed six new passive house designs for presentation at the Stockholm Housing Fair occurring October 9-12, 2008.  Shown in collaboration with Emrahus, these prefabricated, zero energy designs present a compelling concept for what is possible with good design and conscious materials.  Passive houses, using the definition of KKA on their website, "are extremely well-insulated buildings that are largely heated by the energy already present in the building.Passive homes attempt to rely as little as possible on extra mechanical systems — they conserve first and foremost.  Scroll through these six passive home designs and leave a vote for your fave:

VILLA VÄRDE : 1292 square feet, 3 bedrooms – this design is meant for a smaller family looking for a more economical approach to living.  With the lofty living room, the design feels larger than it actually is. 



VILLA TÅRTAN : 1862 square feet, 4 bedrooms – this home is split between three levels with the dining room, living room, and kitchen on ground level; the terrace, bedrooms, and bathrooms on the second level; and one large private bedroom on the top floor.  Entertain on the bottom, live in the middle, and relax at the top. 



VILLA DRAGSPEL : 1076 – 2153 square feet, 2-4 bedrooms – this home design is based loosely on the concept of an accordion.  With the living space on one end and the master bedroom on the other, the house expands and contracts in the middle depending on how large a home design you prefer.  A storage wall stretches down the entire accordion portion of the home. 



VILLA FIXA : 2045 square feet, 4 bedrooms – this home is meant to be open and spacious for owners that want high ceilings and room to spread out. 


VILLA SIDA VID SIDA : 1722 square feet, 2 bedrooms – the side by side house is actually divided into three distinct portions.  The largest portion has the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom.  The other two contain a smaller bedroom and then the laundry, storage, and bathroom portion. 



VILLA MITTSKEPP : 1722 square feet, 2 bedrooms – this home design was meant to refer back to old Swedish timber log houses and still use interior space in a contemporary manner.  The homeowners enter through the winter garden, which is plush with tomatoes and flowers, and find themselves in a large, spacious living room. 



Photo credits: Kjellgren Kaminsky Architects.

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  • Chad Ludeman

    Looking forward to more details from them on the tech specs. What exactly goes into one of their Passive Houses…?

  • Schumacher Homes

    I am very interested in these designs for energy conservation purposes. I would like to hear more information on the Passive Houses as you get it.

  • Anonymous

    Just a short FYI that 90% of houses built in Sweden are prefabricated, and energy efficient by our standards in the US. And as far as funky modern designs, every home manufacturer offers modern style side by side with traditional. These houses are very consistent with the industry there. What looks progressive to the US is status quo in Sweden.

  • Mike

    Hi! For those interested in finding out more about Passive Houses in the US, please check out .

    • Preston

      I know Chad went into some detail about the Passive House standard in the U.S. and now that I consider everyone’s comments with this article, it strikes me that we ought to talk more about Passive House in the U.S.

  • Larry Chamblin

    I see from this and other sites and blogs that there is a huge interest in the US for such houses, stimulated by rising energy costs but, increasingly, also by genuine interest in living green. So, I would be interested in more information on the availability and adaptability of these designs to US weather conditions and building codes.

    • Katy Hollbacher

      I’ve gotten very entrenched in a dynamic, motivated group in the San Francisco Bay Area promoting Passive House standards; if you are in the area, please connect with us! Learn more at and join us for our next chapter meeting Sunday, March 22 in Berkeley.

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