SMUD Home of the Future

This home is the first LEED Platinum certified home in the Sacramento area.  Located in Folsom, this "Home of the Future" is the product of a collaboration between BP Solar, OCR Solar & Roofing, R.J. Walter Homes, and the Sacramento Municipal Utility District.  Working together, the focus of the home was to design it using state-of-the-art energy efficient materials.  It has dual pane windows, solar-assisted hot water and space heating, LED lighting, energy efficient appliances, and advanced framing and insulation. 

At 1950 square feet, the craftsman bungalow shows that no matter what the design style, you can use certain technology and materials to curb energy use and live in a healthy, stylish home.  How far, though, can you actually go? 

According to SMUD’s Mike Keesee, project manager for the Home of the Future, the owner should expect to pay no more than $24 per month in combined electrical and gas bills.

The Home of the Future features a 3.86 kW AC solar energy system using BP Solar Integra low-profile solar modules on top of the home’s composition shingle roof.  The solar PV system, combined with the Xantrex XW 6048 inverter (and other efficiencies and enhancements in the home), save it 83% on monthly electrical and gas bills.  Now that’s pretty good. 

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Photo credits: SMUD.