IndigoMODERN Green Townhouses

IndigoMODERN Green Townhouses

There’s something about modern townhouses that I’m just drawn to.  Like these here in a community called IndigoMODERN.  IndigoMODERN is being developed in two phases with a total of 22 residential units.  Phase one had eleven units and nine are gone already.  The remaining two are being sold in the $299 – $350k range.  Better hurry (if you can get a loan)!  Designed by Rob Paulus Architect, these 1800 square-foot homes are uniquely green.  Make sure to check the photos below:

IndigoMODERN homes come with a TEP Guarantee, which basically involves inspection of insulation, construction, and mechanical systems to provide up to ~35% savings on annual electrical bills.  IndigoMODERN guarantees that heating and cooling costs won’t exceed $42.08 per month, based on a 12-month average.  In addition, residences have some of the following green features: 



  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Passive solar shading, trellis on balcony with sliding steel doors
  • Prewired for solar PV and planned for solar hot water
  • Use of Xenon, CFL, and Solatube lighting
  • Use of tough, standing-seam, recycled and reusable steel siding
  • Use of Hardiplank fiber-cement exterior paneling
  • Blown-in cellulose insulation made mostly from shredded newspapers
  • Concrete with fly ash

Homeowners can upgrade with bamboo flooring, installation of the solar PV and hot water systems, and the Aquia dual-flush toilets. 

[+] Living Green @ IndigoMODERN






Photo credits: IndigoMODERN.

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  • lastnamehand

    I live in Tucson, AZ, which is where these are located. It’s an interesting project but a bit disappointing considering Paulus’ previous work on The Icehouse Lofts and Barrio Mettalico. IndigoModern is nothing spectacular. They are certainly overpriced for the area and the finish out on the interiors is disappointing.

    A local project to really be excited about:

  • Jeanne Reslan

    These are very sleek looking. And seem quite reasonably priced. Too bad nobody has the foresight to build units like this in my area – where there is limitless sun available for solar power!

    • Preston

      No joke, I really like the progressive design married with green elements. Not much of this here in my neck of Utah either.

  • architechnophilia

    for the location it seems odd that they would opt for a flat roof. Nonetheless I commend them on the rain water harvesting and the other sustainable measures

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