McCownGordon Construction Green Trailer

This is the McCownGordon Construction Green Trailer.  Pretty nice, right?!  It was designed to use a fraction of the energy typically used by jobsite trailers and still provides a modern user experience on the inside.

The interesting thing about this trailer is that it was designed using Autodesk Revit to get everything just right: the panels were placed at the best angle to capture energy and clear overpasses, the composting toilet was modeled to show exterior vents, and the interior was modeled to perfect the wood patterns and overall design.  Plus, according to Brad Hardin, BIM Director for the company, this jobsite trailer is positive energy!

Green Trailer

You may not know this, but Brad also mentions some interesting facts in his discussion of modeling the Green Trailer.  He says jobsite trailers typically run 24/7, use eight times the power of an average home, account for ~$700 – $1200 in energy bills per month, and can save ~40% in energy costs just by using more insulation and motion sensors.  Sure every location is different, but those are some compelling figures.

The positive energy trailer is currently being used at University of Missouri-Kansas City on a LEED project.  All in all, it’s pretty impressive and incorporates the following eco-friendly elements:

  • Security louvers for passive solar design
  • Three times more natural light than normal trailers
  • 3 solar-powered exhaust fans to provide clean air
  • Low-VOC paint and formaldehyde free furniture
  • Spray foam insulation for energy efficiency
  • Recycled metal exterior cladding
  • Materials from the earlier trailer were recycled
  • Interior paneling is from reclaimed old lumber wood
  • Hardware and casework were remnants from another job
  • 8 solar panels and a 4-foot turbine power almost everything
  • Composting toilet saves nearly 1,600 gallons of water/year

Green Trailer Interior

Green Trailer Bathroom

Green Trailer Interior

Photo Credits: McCownGordon.