Eco Modern Chestnut Residence [Video]

It’s been a long time, it seems, since our last video, so why not get back in the habit?  I noticed this high quality video of the Chestnut Residence, which was designed by Dan Heinfeld of LPA Architects, and thought all the eco modern enthusiasts would enjoy it.  All versions of the video that I’ve seen get cut off at about the three minute point, so I’ll update it if I find a better version.  The house was created with an open passive layout to take advantage of the California climate and benefit from abundant natural light and ventilation.  The design is further married with the best of green technology, such as sustainable materials, smart systems, and a solar PV system (50% of power), to create one posh green residence.  I’ve included some screen shots from the video below.






Via Building Green TV

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  • Rochelle

    Fantastic piece Preston. Readers can view the complete Online Photo Gallery of the Chestnut Residence at:

    This home will also be featured in Winter’s Beautiful Home Magazine.

    • Preston

      Thanks Rochelle, I was looking at the various LPA sites for probably an hour and couldn’t find the house anywhere. I probably should’ve just sent you a tweet, but I usually blog during the wee hours! I’ll add the link up top.

      • Rochelle

        Yes, definitely send me a tweet next time, I’m usually up at all hours as well Preston. We are in the midst of a website redesign and since Dan is just about the most humble guy you will ever meet, his home isn’t featured on our site. For Dan, it’s always about our clients, all of the time.

        Keep up the great work P.

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