Aria Denver Plans Clean Green Living

Aria Unit D

Every now and then, Michelle Kaufmann gives us a rendering or a glimpse of a development she’s working on in Colorado.  Part of the development involves the design of new housing for the Sisters of St. Francis.  The other part is a private, multifamily townhouse development adjacent to the Sisters’ housing.  The townhouse community called Aria Denver promises to bring clean, green, and pure living to northwest Denver starting in 2009.

The community will feature shared parks, communal organic gardens, geo-thermal energy, high-performance energy systems, and sustainable materials and strategies (catch updates here).  If you’re interested, there’s an open house Thursday, October 23, 2008.

Aria Denver is being designed by mkDesigns and OZ Architecture.  The development team includes Urban Ventures and Perry Rose.  Visit Aria Denver

Aria Carriage

Aria Unit B

Aria Unit C

Aria Corner

Rendering credits: Michelle Kaufmann’s Blog.

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  • Mark Pappas

    I believe green community development should be fostered by the government on a State and Federal level with grants whether or not the project is for profit. You’d see just how fast this type of living would catch on.

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