Air Breeze Off-Grid Wind Turbine Improves Upon Popular Air-X

Air Breeze by Southwest Windpower

If you’ve heard of the popular Skystream 3.7 by Southwest Windpower, then you’re probably familiar with their smaller wind turbine called Air-X.  Air-X was introduced in ~2001 and flew off shelves, selling over 100,000 units.  Building on the success of Air-X, Southwest Windpower recently released Air Breeze, its next iteration of the successful small wind generator.  I first noticed an ad for Air Breeze in Natural Home Magazine last September and have since seen news of it popping up everywhere.  Air Breeze was engineered to be quieter, more efficient, and more effective at lower wind speeds …

Depending on which version you get (12 or 24 VDC), Air Breeze ranges in price from ~$600 – $800.  For that, you’ll get a small wind generator that can crank out 200 watts at 28 mph.  Here are some specs, for those that are interested: 

  • Rotor diameter: 46 inches
  • Weight: 13 pounds
  • Start-up wind speed: 6 mph
  • 38 kWh/month at 12 mph

So clearly, the Air Breeze isn’t going to power all your electrical needs, unless you’re living on hardly anything, but it can supplement what you’re doing.  Southwest Windpower is marketing the turbine as a way to prepare for that rainy day — and that’s not too bad of an idea, I think.  Why not prepare for a rainy day?  Why not approach off-grid in the way we live?

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Air Breeze Model

Air Breeze Parts

Air Breeze

By the way, in case you didn’t hear, a small wind provision was included in the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, aka the Bailout.  The credit lasts from President Bush’s signing of the bill to December 31, 2016.  For residential users, there is a credit of the lesser of $4000 or $1000 per kw of capacity.  For commercial users, there’s an uncapped 30% credit.  As a result, expect this legislation to fuel investments in small wind tech over the next few years. 

Photo credits: Air Breeze. 

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  • Uncle B

    What if, by careful exploitation of the latest technologies and healthy restriction of your demands, you could reduce them to the point where a smaller system would prove adequate? What if a “zero operating cost, zero upkeep” shelter could be devised? Can we really survive on less? off the land? Does modern technology offer a free lifestyle hitherto unknown to mankind? Have we ever seriously explored this avenue? Are we hell bent on gross overconsumption for its own sake? Is there a different way to see life? A modest windmill for sure, but good enough to compliment other technologies of survival? And what has the government and industry hidden from us? The Great Depression is upon us, we must find better ways to survive, and soon!

  • Home Wind Turbine

    I am a designer, developer, and fabricator of small wind turbines and energy products that my company sells online. We have a growing dealer network of individuals who use my products. Customers have found the kits to be easy to deploy and understand. Many customers have found it easy to become customer/dealers. They are able to do this with no further investment and they see how easy people are to get interested.

    My smallest turbine is twice as much power as this Air-X for less money. I am selling home wind turbine kits to customers nationwide. I have projects in design, fabrication, marketing, and distribution of wind turbines for rural, residential, and comminity wind projects. My business is, we sell Home Wind Turbines

    • Hefowl

      From what i see your product’s are over rated and priced

  • Time Tracker

    Absolutely brilliant! I just had a look at Windenergy7. Maybe a writup for JG as well?

  • Eco Tours

    How much do they get you for the mounting pole and support wires? I was about to buy a small turbine a few months ago until I noticed that the pole and S&H exceeded the cost of the turbine.

  • Ashley

    I saw a show on unique houses and they showed a type of cylindrical wind turbine do any of you know about this. Power output was small but you could put up two or three etc.

  • Hefowl

    I see alot of countys are taxing people and charging personal taxes on the wind turbins now thanks for saving energy.

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