Wilgus Home

Dwell and Google Sketchup came together to hold a Design Your Dwelling contest and the grand prize winner has been chosen.  Drew Wilgus, resident of North Carolina and intern at The Roberts Group + Fanning Howey, took top honors for his green home concept.  According to Christopher Bright on the Dwell Blog, the Wilgus design "stood out for its sustainable elements, integration into the local landscape, keen material use, and striking aesthetic."

The design calls for the use of salvaged bridge elements, reclaimed redwood, and steel materials with a landscaped plinth hollowed out below the house.  The resulting void creates a space for parking with a series of wind turbines channeling the wind under the house.  If you look closely below, you can see the turbines.   

Although the house may or may not ever be built, Dwell plans to fabricate a 3-d model of the winning concept and gift it to Wilgus as part of the grand prize.  Congrats Drew Wilgus! This design is quite compelling. 





Photo credits: Dwell.com.