Edouard Francois

Folks the media storm that started with the venerable Bill Gates and tired Jerry Seinfeld has just taken a new direction with the "I’m a PC" ads for Microsoft.  Check them out below, we have all three new videos embedded in this article.  As you watch, though, don’t get distracted by the likes of Eva Longoria, Tony Parker, Deepak Chopra, Bernard Harris, Geoff Green, or even Pharrell, as tough as it is, because there’s a green architect in the mix:  Edouard Francois.

Mr. Francois says, "I’m a PC and I design green buildings."

The building in the background is the Flower Tower by Eduoard Francois and is said to "one of the best places to live in Paris," according to Jonathan Glancey of The Guardian




Photo credits: Edouard Francois.