South Waterfront

The South Waterfront area of Portland is a new and interesting neighborhood.  All the buildings in South Waterfront will be LEED certified and thoughtfully planned.  The 35-acre, 17-block district abutting the Willamette River is also the first urban neighborhood to achieve Salmon-Safe certification.  The mission of Salmon-Safe is to restore the health of watersheds so salmon can spawn and thrive.  Here’s what the certification tells us about South Waterfront:

  • It is a leader in river restoration. 
  • It exceeds state and federal regulatory commitments to protect the Willamette River and its urban tributaries. 
  • It is committed to sustain its environmental stewardship over time, including the district-wide elimination of pesticides that are harmful to salmon and other aquatic life. 
  • Salmon-Safe requirements are embedded within the property covenants, binding owners of the future. 

As reported by Oregon Live, the Salmon-Safe program requires an initial inspection of the property, charged to the landowner and conducted by scientists hired by the nonprofit.  For South Waterfront, the scientists came up with 10 conditions the community would have to meet for certification — all subject to annual verification. 

The assessment and annual verification for the next five years cost South Waterfront approximately $15,800.