Venice Live/work

How about kicking out a shout to the newly established blog by EcoSteel?  I was emailing with EcoSteel’s Kelvin Findlay about their new projects and the blog came up.  So I start looking through the first few posts and, of course, this Venice Live/Work home caught my eye.  I mean, how can it not?  Apparently the home is ready to go in California and EcoSteel is bidding out the contractor work at the moment.

The super modern home was designed by Lookinglass Architecture and Design to have a small footprint and be very energy efficient.  Walls will have a minimum R-value of R-24 and the roof will be R-32 (remember this is California).  Additionally, the steel frame will be made of at least 76% recycled content. 

I’ll keep this post updated as I find out about other details such as the architect, location, construction time frame, etc. 

[+] Lookinglass Architecture and Design