Cornell House

This thoughtfully designed home in Jackson, Wyoming, was designed by Stephen Dynia Architecture for Alice Cornell.  Other than possibly the bamboo flooring, low-E glass, natural materials, and long-lasting standing seam metal roof, I’m not aware of any materials or elements that qualify or disqualify this home as being "green."  It hasn’t been certified or anything, but the design is smart and efficient, relying on abundant natural lighting and thorough consideration for space. 

It’s roughly 2500 sf, a bit above the national home average, but was designed to minimally disturb the site.  Cornell worked her entire life back east to build this home, prolonging her retirement a couple years even to afford it, and was able to keep the construction budget to ~$190 psf.  Not bad for the custom home market, I’d imagine. 

The owner eschewed traditional architecture and monster square footage, both of which seem absurdly common in the higher end home market, and instead opted for something smallish, modish, and relatively affordable.  How about the clean interior?

The Cornell Home is the Record’s House of the Month for September 2008. 

[+] Cornell House by Stephen Dynia Architects [arch record]








Photo credits: Gregory Gordon Photography.