Shop Etsy for Vintage Furniture and Accessories


Etsy, the popular new site used by artists and crafters, is also a gem for vintage finds such as furniture and accessories.  The prices on Etsy are usually quite reasonable — especially compared to shops specializing in vintage and antique furniture — and the treasures are endless and unique. 

Can’t find what you’re looking for?  Check back tomorrow — you will find hundreds of new items each day.  If you see an item that you like, see who the seller is, and view their other items since most Etsy sellers seem to stick to a particular style.  You can also view their profile and learn the sellers’ stories. 

One great modern-style furniture seller is sprucehome; you can see some of their items pictured above and below.  Their prices range from $40 for a vintage pillow to $1800 for a refurbished, reupholstered sofa.  They even offer free shipping on most pieces, which is a great bargain! 

Another neat seller for fun and elegant accessories is highstreetmarket.  They offer lamps, books, bookends, art, and dishes all at reasonable prices.  To be even more green, select the ‘shop local’ option on the home page and enter your town to find items located nearby.  Just be careful, shopping on Etsy is so fun and there’s so much to see, that it’s easy to become an Etsy-addict!

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Does anyone have a shop on Etsy or have a favorite seller?  Let us know in the comments …

  • Shannon Ritscher

    I have a shop on Etsy and love it! Check it out if you have a chance. Thanks for the great article.

  • Lisa

    I sell vintage clothing, and vintage housewares on etsy. – fashion – housewares

  • Marsi

    Etsy rocks! You can buy just about anything. I recently opened an Etsy store that specializes in vintage cookbooks, design books, paintings, and 1950’s-1970’s housewares:

    P.S. Love the site Jetson Green, thanks for the Etsy article!

  • Diana

    my vintage shop keeps me busy on the search for amazing housewares and fashion items, listing, shipping.. so much fun!
    check it out… listing daily.

  • Anonymous

    I sell Vintage Jewelry & other wonderful vintage items on Etsy,

  • alia

    Thank you for highlighting the fantastic selection on Etsy. I have a vintage shop specializing in home decor as well.

  • Jeff Schlarb

    Yes, Yes, Yes, We really love the appreciation for fine green furnitue. Chat soon!

  • jewelfreak12

    I love cute accessories :]

  • Kate

    Hello all! Check out our vintage etsy shop: Peacockenvy ( We specialize in household decor. Happy Holidays!

  • Thomas Hill

    LOL! That dog sits so comfortably on that seat! Haha! Did it make it as its sleeping bed already, or that was just part of the photo’s concept? It looks cool! Anyway, some people really do find shopping over the net as easy as it looks like; ’cause they just click and click, and then they’re done! Accessibility is a plus, of course! I was just amazed; Before, books are the only ones being sold over the net, but now it could be done on almost anything! It’s so possible! Thanks to the modern world!  😀

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