There’s kind of an edgy, underground movement of conscious homeowners and environmentalists that are finding creative ways to capture water and reuse it for their needs.  BusinessWeek’s Malia Wollan just wrote an article called "Rainwater collectors work to ease shortages," and she talks about the popularity of the movement.  In the article, Wollan mentions a website called HarvestH20, which has seen an increasing number of visitors seeking information and advice on rainwater collection and reclamation. 

A rainwater harvesting system in its simplest form will comprise a collection system and holding tank with plumbing in between.  But systems range from the simple to the complex with water being used in a variety of ways, including as supplemental irrigation or household use.  You might even consider using a system to water your home garden, as is shown in the image above.   

Recently, there have been disputes between municipalities and homeowners with respect to ownership of water.  Depending on where you live and what you want to do with water, you’ll have to check with local ordinances and laws to make sure everything is legit (you may even have to get a permit). 

After that, you could recognize significant benefits to having a rainwater harvesting system: reduced reliance on local water supply, lower bills, less strain on local water supply, reduced flood flows, reduced topsoil loss, and improved plant growth, etc. 

If anyone is running a home or DIY system, make sure to drop a link to the image below so everyone can check it out. 

Flickr photo by watercache.com.