Envision Solar Parking Garage

University of California, San Diego is in the process of installing Solar Trees by Envision Solar on the roofs of two of its parking garages.  The Solar Trees are designed to provide clean energy for the campus, shade for vehicle parking, and future infrastructure for electrical vehicles.  Each Solar Tree at UCSD will generate more than 17,000 hours of clean energy per year, which is enough to power more than four single-family homes.  In aggregate, with two parking garages topped with Solar Trees, you can imagine the power they’re generating. 

Solar Tree - UCSD

Robert Noble, CEO of the San Diego-based Envision Solar, said, "As sustainable architects, we at Envision Solar are committed to adding beauty and form to the functionality of solar power generation, and integrating it with the overall design of the site." 

We keep hearing more and more of Envision Solar, so before long, you may just have a Solar Grove planted in a parking lot near you. 

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