When you decide to outfit a building with a green roof, the plants have to come from somewhere.  In this particular case, 8,355 square feet of plants are growing at T & L Nursery in Woodinville, Washington for installation at the new Olive 8.  Currently under construction, Olive 8 will be Seattle's first LEED hotel/condo (pursuing LEED Silver certification).  In addition, it will have one of the city's largest green roofs with 20 different varieties of drought-tolerant sedums growing in 700 planters totaling nearly 24,000 plants.  That's a lot of green to have on the fourth floor for everyone to enjoy. 

Sixteen square feet of green roof provide enough oxygen for one person.  By that measure, this roof will provide enough oxygen for ~522 people.  Not bad.  Here are some of the other benefits of the installation:

  • Reduce storm water runoff to city sewers
  • Reduce heat island effect by cooling the surrounding area
  • Provide a habitat for birds, bees, and butterflies

With plant selection and layout design by Berger Partnership, sedums are grown in 100% recycled containers with a mix of rock, pumice, and compost.  Installation is set for November, so if you're in the neighborhood, go stop by and check it out. 




Of course, the green roof isn't the only thing that makes this condo/hotel green, so make sure to check out the other features planned for the building.   We'll probably have an update when construction is complete, but for now, here's a peek inside:




Bottom three photos credit: Olive 8.