Muffler Shop Converted to First LEED-NC Architect Office in Georgia

Menefee + Winer LEED Office

As an interesting example of adaptive reuse, I thought it would be fun to showcase the design of Menefee + Winer’s office in Atlanta, Georgia.  Located at 1075 Brady Avenue near Georgia Tech, the 4,100 sf building used to be bland, gray muffler shop (see bottom) — but now with its vibrant colors and fierce shape, how about the transformation?  This LEED Silver building is also, interestingly, the first LEED-NC certified architect’s office in Georgia.  Here are a few things they incorporated through the gut rehab:


  • high reflective roofing and paving to reduce heat island effect
  • high performance building envelope
  • studio is completely daylit
  • high-efficiency mechanical and lighting systems
  • low-VOC finishes throughout
  • landscaping that requires no irrigation.

Make sure to check out these links for more information. 
[+] Menefee + Winer Project Information
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Photo credits: Menefee + Winer.

  • Dave Conrey

    Ok, that is just kick-ass. I so badly wish I had equity in my home so I could do something this cool. I’ll have to dream for now.

    • Preston

      Unfortunately, to do that, you’ll probably have to deal with the permitting and lending Nazis, but yeah, this is a cool renovation.

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