Founding Farmers

The green design and sustainability movement is gradually taking over all types of real estate and the restaurant industry is no different.  Later this month, and pending certification, Founding Farmers is expected to become Washington D.C.’s first LEED Gold restaurant.  It will also operate as a Certified Green Restaurant and serve sustainably farmed, locally produced food and products.

Founding Farmers is unique in that their model is to provide Farm to Table "True Food and Drinks" with fresh, wholesome, honest, and natural flavors.  Menus include homemade traditional American classics such as pot pie, pot roast, roasted chicken, big green salads, etc. — all in a modern, casual, and eco-friendly setting.

Designed by CORE architecture + design, Founding Farmers will have abundant natural light, extensive use of recycled and sustainably harvested materials, efficient electrical systems, and green energy generated by solar and geothermal systems. 

The 8500 sf restaurant will seat 250 with a patio opening in Spring 2009.  Located at 1924 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington D.C. 20006, Founding Farmers should open its doors soon for breakfast, lunch, dinner, so make sure to drop by and treat yourself. 

Founding Farmers Mezzanine

Founding Farmers Entrance

Rendering credits: CORE.