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Here’s the story: A handful of entrepreneurs nurtured a graduate school business plan into an actual company called PFNC Global Communities.  The acronym stands for “por fin, nuestra casa,” which is translated as “finally, a home of our own.”  PFNC’s purpose is to convert shipping containers into affordable housing for those who most desperately need it around the globe.

Container Home

With operations in New Mexico, PFNC has built a prototype 320-square-foot home.  The home, although small, has room for a kitchen, bath, toilet, and sleeping areas.  It also has windows for natural ventilation, electrical and water systems, and hookups for air conditioning. 

PFNC plans to outfit the homes for under $10,000 USD, but subject to site conditions, land costs, and transportation costs.  To keep prices low, the company will try to sell homes in large quantities, with production planned for early 2009 at an initial capacity of 3000 home per year. 

PFNC has both single family and multifamily options in the works. 

Container Community

Container Multifamily

Photo credits: PFNC Global Communities.