I really enjoyed West Coast Green.  After spending several hours helping with the Innovation Pipeline, promoting the conference through our website, and flying down to participate as a second-year media sponsor, I’m certainly happy I was able to hang out on the exhibit floor and view the Harbinger house.  I met some very nice people and left with the feeling that the best and brightest are hard at work trying to market products that can help everyone live healthy, sustainable, and comfortable lives.  Although you may have seen a few of these companies previously, they all caught my eye.  They’re all very cool. 

  • Element Four WaterMill – a revolutionary air-to-water generator that will be available starting in February 2009. 


  • Harvest Home Furniture – rustic but modern furniture handcrafted from reclaimed timber.  Their set up was absolutely beautiful. 


  • Perfect Flush by Brondell – this cool little retrofit can be added to your toilet to give it dual-flush functionality and save water.  The Perfect Flush kit comes with everything you need to install it easily in no time. 


  • Solar Cynergy LED Pavers – we’ve featured this product previously and think solar-powered LED pavers are pretty cool. 



  • RainTube – this simple, economical gutter protection system is used to protect from cloggage while collecting rainwater. 


  • Eagle Solar – another product we’ve talked about before, this company features a ton of different roof tile styles with integrated solar for your home. 




  • ELT Easy Green Living Wall System – this beautiful living wall system was filled with succulents and just was cool to look at.  Several of these formed the backdrop to the Al Gore speech that I didn’t finish seeing. 



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