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METALAB and Ttweak have taken a novel approach to marketing the first proposed LEED certified condo building in Houston.  The two designed a sales center for MirabeauB using two 20-foot containers.  On the roof, solar panels generate ~180 kwH per month and can fold up during bad weather. 

There's drought tolerant, native landscaping in front of the temporary structure and, with the unique look, you can bet people will drive by to see what's going on. 

When they do, they'll also have the opportunity to learn about the 14 green, luxury condominium units available in MiraBeauB at Hyde Park.  But they'll also get to check out a green container structure. 

Mirabeau sales center

Sales center



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Photo credits: METALAB.

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  • Chad Ludeman

    As a fan of both Seth Godin and Innovative Marketing, I applaud their efforts. I wonder how many inquiries they’ll get into the availability of green homes built with containers during the process?

    • Preston

      That’s a good point. I thought about the same thing and my thinking is they’ll attract people with green values, or at least green curiosity, and use the opportunity to talk about the LEED Silver condo project. Might just decide to do a green container condo project even …

  • G. Man

    looks like the “methlab tweakers” in the photo have a really nice “pot” plant growing right next to the portable rural meth lab. looks like you are endorsing their stupidity.

    • L/A

      you are an idiot… please never say anything to anyone ever again.

  • garagecat

    Perfect office space another great use of containers. Thanks
    for the post.

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