Broadstar Rendering of AeroCam

When Maria Surma Manka brought us news of Broadstar Wind Systems last June from Windpower 2008, our interest was stoked, especially considering the fact that Broadstar was claiming that their AeroCam turbine could achieve $1 per watt installed.  Well, the company is still beta testing the AeroCam turbine, but demand is crazy and they’re "on track" to install more than 70 turbines.  J.C. Penny Co. plans to install AeroCam turbines on their distribution facility in Reno, Nevada by November this year.  Plus, 15 companies have contracted to test the turbines and 12 more are in talks. 

The AeroCam 250-kw model costs $250,000 installed and the 500-kw model is $500,000 installed. 

Broadstar is focusing on the commercial market right now because, well, a large percentage of power is consumed by businesses and they’re looking for ways to beef up the company sustainability profile.  But it’s not about greenwashing, though, because as Broadstar President Steve Else says, "there isn’t a single one of my customers that would do this if there wasn’t a return on investment.

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