Beautiful Green Roof at Chicago's Residences 900


In Chicago, Illinois, The Residences at 900 have something unique to offer their residents, a lush green rooftop garden.  This environmentally friendly rooftop, designed by renowned landscape architect Douglas Hoerr, offers nearly fourteen thousand square feet of garden paradise. 

This beautiful roof improves the city air by converting the abundant CO2 back into oxygen and will also help to conserve energy by insulating the building.  Storm water run-off will be reduced by filtering through the soil, fueling the plants, and evaporating.  The green roof will also decrease the ‘heat island’ effect, which is a term used to describe the temperature spike in urban areas compared to nearby rural areas due to environmental disturbances and pollution. 

The garden encompasses many gathering areas for building residents to enjoy this unique outdoor oasis in the middle of the city.  The residences themselves are stunning, offering one, two, and three bedroom floor plans ranging from about 1500 square feet to 5000 square feet. 

Prices are not shared on the website, but one would not expect this luxury to come with a cheap price tag.  But, if you’re going to pay a pretty price, you might as well have a beautiful, eco-friendly rooftop garden to enjoy.  Visit The Residences’ website to see interior photos and floor plans.




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  • Mike M

    Absolutely gorgeous. I have a few questions. Is this rooftop garden really 14 thousand square feet? That seems huge. More importantly, judging from the pictures it looks as though many of the species included on the rooftop are native prairie grasses. Is that true? If so, that should definitely have been mentioned in the article. Thanks.

    • Preston

      I checked before publishing this and the 14k sf is absolutely correct. It’s a nicely sized green roof. I’m not sure, however, on the prairie grass part of your comment though … maybe Sarah or someone else has heard.

  • jonathan

    14,000 sq ft is not as huge for a rooftop of a big building. IF a building is 120’x120′ its roof is 14,400 sq ft

    so that number is reasonable

  • Aldo Diaz

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