Solar Cell Tree Charger for the Home


This solar cell tree charger by Vivien Muller is kind of interesting.  You can use it to recharge your cellphone, camera, or whatever, because it has 54 tiny photovoltaic panels and an internal battery that stores energy.  The modular parts are connected and can be rotated infinitely creating a different tree for your favorite sunny spot at home.

Unfortunately, this design is only a concept, but judging by the web response so far, there seems to be a large contingent of folks that want to buy one.  Plus, it has to be easier to maintain than a real bonsai tree — those things are tough to keep going.



Via Gizmodo.

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  • Dr. Light

    I’m seriously going to buy one as soon as I can. Maybe I won’t use it, but I wouldn’t mind it just as a decoration. Seriously one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen, thanks for the post.

  • Camera Chargers

    This is a beauty!

  • Sulie

    Where can I get it in Canada?

    • Preston

      As of the posting of this article, this design was only a concept.

  • UK Retail Shop Fitting

    Amazing solar panel tree i love the use of cell in solar panels now there fantastic i think its a great idea and more people should use this technology. its very eco friendly and i love eco well doing its a great idea

  • Liangcheng Rebecca Reynolds

    I keep throwing money at the screen but nothing is happening…

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