It’s fun getting weeMail … we’ve just learned from Alchemy Architects about some new weeHouse announcements relating to affordability and sustainability.  First things first, everyone wants to know about prefab pricing, right?  You can now get a 2000 sf weeHouse with so called Good Stuff for around $125 per sf, give or take.  Second, weeHouse has teamed up with The Fusion Companies to offer off-grid and supplemental Energy Kits for weeHouses. 

Energy Kits include solar panels, roof mounting hardware, charge controller, battery backup bank, battery interconnects, combiner, breaker, and inverters.  Your electrician installs the kit and Fusion will do the final inspection. 

Lastly, Alchemy has what they’re calling an Energize promotion (check weeHouse for all terms and specifics), and here’s the idea: you can purchase a weeHouse SMALL with an off-grid solar package before November 2008 for $99,000 (except California and Western states = $109k).


The weeHouse small is about 350 sf — as you can tell from the images, it’s well designed and packs a big punch.  The Energize promotion comes with the 720W AC energy kit, so basically, you just need to provide the foundation, well, and septic to be totally off-grid and off-pipe. 

Or, if you want a small wind option in addition to or in lieu of the solar, wee can provide the Whisper 500 for about $9999 + local installation.  I’m thinking that if you have the land already, this could be quite the nice option.  Actually, it could be a wee wee nice option. 

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