Bath ZedFactory Eco-Home

I keep an eye on things in the UK because, for some reason, I have this feeling that they’re focusing more on sustainability than we are.  I mean, they’re not necessarily talking about green this or green that, they’re talking about lifecycle of materials and carbon emissions.  This super luxury eco-home, for instance, was designed with lifecycle in mind.  Designed by ZedFactory, the, ahem, 7535 sf home has received Bath (UK) planning permission and should be complete within about a year.  It will feature efficient insulation, solar orientation, thermal mass, and earth sheltering to minimize energy consumption.

Built into the steep escarpment of the site so as to avoid disruption to agricultural land, the off-grid home also will have solar hot water panels, rainwater storage, low-flow toilets, low-energy appliances, solar electric panels, a wind turbine, and ZedFactory’s trademark wind cowls for passive ventilation.

I mean, every detail of this enormous home, other than its size, has been considered.  A recent news article mentioned that the home would generate more on-site electricity during its life than would be used to build the structure and sustain its occupants.  That’s a good thing … positive energy buildings, something we could focus more on here in the U.S.

Bath Springs Aerial