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The venerable HuffPo just posted a list of what they call the "Best Green Twitter Feeds."  It’s an okay list, but when you name streams like @Sprig (13 total updates and nothing in 7 days), @globalwarming (sporadic tweets with nothing in 7 days), and @greennews (sporadic tweets and nothing in 12 days), it’s tough to take the list seriously.  No offense Sprig, GlobalWarming, and GreenNews.  HuffPo’s list includes some stalwarts, don’t get me wrong, but when you assume the title of "Best," you have to bring it.  You have to name more than sixteen or seventeen Twitter* feeds.  Right?

Anyway, here’s my list (not a "best" list, just a list) of environmental and green related twitter folks that you might be interested in following.  To clear the air, we’re @jetsongreen.  Some of the following are no different than straight blog feeds.  Some are mixed blog feeds with conversation.  Others are pure conversation. 

Who did I miss?  This list is by no means complete, but feel free to right click and cherry pick to your heart’s content.  Hopefully you’ll find some interesting green folks and make something good happen. 

*If you have no idea what Twitter is, it’s a free micro-blogging and quasi-social networking site where people can say anything and everything in under 140 characters.  You can follow a twitter stream, send direct messages, favorite various tweets, and even block people.  It’s not a perfect system by any means — I haven’t been able to read replies in about a week, but it’s pretty fun.

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  • Jim

    Here is another person doing a lot of green updates:

  • Andrew Stone

    Hey! Thanks for the mention!

  • Jim Kukral TheBizWebCoach

    Can you add my wife’s twitter at

  • David Wescott

    Hey Preston – nice to see this. Looks like I have to update my “Green Tweeters” RSS feed with all the stuff you found.

    quick typo check – I’m @dwescott1 (no “t” in the middle)

    • Preston

      Dang, sorry about that David. On the road now and will fix it when I get to a computer.

  • nateritter

    @ecofriend is on the way, it will be replicating the posts at

  • Guest

    Great idea! This is an awesome resource list for finding fellow green tweeters. Thanx for including me, Preston! :-)

  • Chris

    I just started twittering on green building issues, but please include me:


  • Jeffrey

    i’d love to make that list too. @jsdavis82 ; my tweets are conversation, life, green tips/questions, and fitness. i run the blog The Fun Times Guide to Living Green.

  • jochapa

    no wonder I started getting so many new twitter requests :)

  • Victoria Everman

    Whoa … I made the list :O Thank you! 😀

  • Anonymous

    Very cool Preston, thanks for putting that together!

  • Jeff McIntire-Strasburg

    Thanks for the nod, Preston… guess I better get back to Twittering!

  • Sommer

    Green and Clean Mom is missing @greenmom

    • Preston

      Sommer, not any more! :) And you too, Natural Papa.

  • Derek
    • Jennae @ Green Your Decor

      Thanks for including GreenYourDecor!

  • green goody

    I think you missed me, no hard feelings. @greengoody

  • Jenn (The Green Parent)

    What a great list! Thanks so much for putting this together! Can you add me too?



  • Anonymous

    Wow, what a fantastic list! Thanks for putting this out there for us.

    I’m @youragentsteph

  • Stef Newman

    Thanks for putting me with such great company, Preston! Next is the great green Tweet-up…

  • Preston

    I’ve added some of you newbies to the list, but don’t make me look bad. If you go dark, I’ll be so ticked … :)

    • Anonymous

      Preston, Just went through the list to follow people. Can’t believe how many green building folks are out there that I didn’t know about. Thx again.

  • David

    thanks for calling huffpo out on that one, although I wouldn’t say I’m teh best green twitterer either :)

    • Preston

      But the sporadic tweet is okay if it’s from a power green geek, right? That’s why you’re on the list.

      How’s the blog empire? I saw your tweet on the nerdfighter king — I love what John and Hank are doing. We should catch up at one of these fall events …

  • Jennifer

    Great list – can I add myself? My blog is and I tweet at I’m more about going non toxic, but there’s a lot of green involved!

  • Laura Lee Dooley

    How about @worldresources?

  • Danielle
    • Danielle

      Btw.. Great list! I know I would love to see it more organized!

  • josh

    Excellent list. Want to include us too? @ecovian

  • cynthia (@shopnear)

    Thanks for the mention and the great list! Always wonderful to find new green twitter friends

  • Razekane the Green Llama

    I’m already spending way too much time on StumbleUpon and Facebook and have a WordPress blog. I’ve avoided getting a crackberry or an iphone – do I really need to Twitter too?

    • Preston

      @Razekane –

      Twitter is just another tool, but I prefer it to StumbleUpon because I can filter out what I don’t like. Facebook, to me, is a once per month place to keep in touch with friends. I’d say try Twitter out and see if you like it. Then again, I also have a blackberry …

  • Sommer

    Thanks for adding me! What a great list. I’m loving reading all the new green tweets! Thanks!

  • Sara

    I agree, it seemed like a lazy list put together by someone who isn’t really in social media. Oh well, guess HuffPo can’t be great at everything. BTW, they forgot me! 😉

  • Wendy

    Thanks for the list! Can you add me too? I’m and I run the blog


  • Shea Gunther

    Awesome Preston! I found a bunch of new people to follow.


  • eric : Real World Green

    hi everyone,

    I am the creator and host of Real World Green, a web video show of practical green tips .

    My twitter posts are an eclectic mix of green, and notes from my other show,

    @ericgardenfork thx, eric.

  • Lastgascar

    Feel free to add us to your green twitter list:


  • Adam, Wendy & Lola (Woof Woof)

    Please Check us out –
    We offer all eco-friendly, organic, all-natural dog products made in the USA.
    We love to connect with dog lovers, bloggers and tech people.
    Barkingly Yours,
    -Adam, Wendy & Lola (Woof Woof)

  • Anonymous

    Great stuff, Preston. Thx for putting this together!

    I work in environmental education; you can find me here:

  • Sabina

    Thanks for the list! Very helpful.

  • Shari Shapiro

    A little suprised that @ chrischeatham and @stephendp are on here but not me–@sharishapiro. Especially since we are twitter buddies. What did I miss?


    • Preston

      This list is way out-of-date now, and I’m pretty sure I didn’t know you were on Twitter at the time or I would have included you for sure. Still twitter buddies?

      • Shari Shapiro

        You will always be my twitter buddy! Will you add me to your special people list? Pretty please?

  • dubois

    @cleantech is tweeting Greenbuild 2008 on November 18-21 and generally about sustainable energy in business.

  • Anna

    Preston, with all those @green, you must have missed the rest me @greentalk!!! And how about @sharishapiro and @stephenDP? Are us lawyers missing for some reason? Just joking. (I see Chris made your list…)

    Shari, said Stephen was on there, but I did not see him.

    PS I have a post coming up which I hope helps you with studying for LEED AP. How is it going? I am so glad it is over for me.

  • nommo

    Aha! Now I can follow a few green social networkers… :)

    I am fwiw :)

    Can I also suggest a new ‘high profile’ green tweeter?

    Founder of Ecotricity:

  • Paige Wolf

    Hi there. I run an eco-friendly public relations firm based in Philadelphia and send a monthly e-newsletter including local and national sustainability topics. My Web site is and my Twitter is @paigewolf.
    Thanks for compiling this list!

  • Sonya

    Thanks for the awesome Best Green Twitter Feeds list! Have you checked out TravelingtheGreenWay at

  • PassionateGreen

    How about @passionategreen ?

  • greenerguy

    Also @greenerguy and @greenbydesign

  • Melissa

    You totally forgot @mgonyeo

    • Preston

      The list is severely outdated. We’re going to have to update it in the future … stay tuned.

  • @ecovegetarian

    You missed @ecovegetarian!

  • Anonymous

    @modgreenpod is a must-follow for me. It’s creating gorgeous green textiles that are more high fashion than happy hippie.

  • Kendel

    I think my lil’ ol’ twitter should be up there. coming at you, one girl from canada trying to do green! add me :)

  • Sarah Palin

    venerable HuffPo?

    Give me strength.

  • jjanthony70
  • katrina

    Green Irene Eco-Consulting is provides daily tweets on how to save money by living green. Let’s follow each other!

    To find your local Eco-Consultant now, visit our web site at

  • Anonymous


  • Green Chamber

    Please check out the USGreenChamber . I will be sure to follow you as well…

    Good job

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