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The venerable HuffPo just posted a list of what they call the "Best Green Twitter Feeds."  It’s an okay list, but when you name streams like @Sprig (13 total updates and nothing in 7 days), @globalwarming (sporadic tweets with nothing in 7 days), and @greennews (sporadic tweets and nothing in 12 days), it’s tough to take the list seriously.  No offense Sprig, GlobalWarming, and GreenNews.  HuffPo’s list includes some stalwarts, don’t get me wrong, but when you assume the title of "Best," you have to bring it.  You have to name more than sixteen or seventeen Twitter* feeds.  Right?

Anyway, here’s my list (not a "best" list, just a list) of environmental and green related twitter folks that you might be interested in following.  To clear the air, we’re @jetsongreen.  Some of the following are no different than straight blog feeds.  Some are mixed blog feeds with conversation.  Others are pure conversation. 

Who did I miss?  This list is by no means complete, but feel free to right click and cherry pick to your heart’s content.  Hopefully you’ll find some interesting green folks and make something good happen. 

*If you have no idea what Twitter is, it’s a free micro-blogging and quasi-social networking site where people can say anything and everything in under 140 characters.  You can follow a twitter stream, send direct messages, favorite various tweets, and even block people.  It’s not a perfect system by any means — I haven’t been able to read replies in about a week, but it’s pretty fun.