Margarido House Going LEED Platinum

Margarido Home

The Margarido House is on its way to being the first home the nation that's both LEED-H certified and GreenPoint rated.  It's also aiming to be the first custom home in Northern California to be LEED-H Platinum certified.  The ~4600 sf home is still waiting on Platinum certification, but it's important to note that because of it's large size, the homeowners had to pursue drastic green measure to get into Platinum territory.  And they did quite well, actually, building a home that's 55% more efficient than California's Title 24 energy standards.  Check out this list of green features:



  • LED lighting
  • Energy Star cool roof
  • 600 sf living roof and deck
  • In floor hydronic heating
  • Solar electric power
  • Solar thermal hot water
  • Smart house automation
  • Energy efficient appliances
  • On-site water reclamation tanks
  • Permeable paving
  • Recycled concrete and glass counters
  • Locally sourced and sustainable products
  • Interior air quality management system
  • Low water/drought tolerant landscaping
  • Zero VOC paints

As is possible in Northern California, the Margarido House has operable windows that cross ventilate the interior and obviate the need for air conditioning.  Being built into the hillside helps, too, in heating and cooling the indoor temperature.

How about the incredible interior design work?  I'm really liking the large rectangular tiles that show up throughout the home, accentuating the dining room and various bathrooms.  I also like how the passive design brings in lots of light but the windows are placed to avoid direct sun — it's probably quite the relaxing place to live in.

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Image credits: Mike McDonald (Top); Margarido House (rest).

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  • Jeff Stephens

    For readers in the SF Bay Area, there’s a tour of the Margarido House on August 28 hosted by the Residential Green Building Advocacy Committee of the local USGBC Chapter. See for more details.

  • greenerguy

    To reach this rating in a large home, what would be the feature that would give the highest energy efficiency and best LEED rating value? FYI… As far as I know GreenPoint rating is only in California.

    • Preston

      Yep, GreenPoint is currently a California thing by Build It Green, but that makes it a bragging rights thing, especially with all the green building in California.

      Make sure to check out that SFGate link above. Towards the bottom, there’s an explanation of how they were able to “climb all the way back to Platinum.”

  • Arun

    Hi ,
    I am really impressed by the green features of this house and would like to know the cost for each feature and the vendors . I would also like to know if all the lights including floor lamps uses LED lighting and what kind of smart home automation was installed.


  • Michael

    What is the largest home that has attained LEED Platinum so far?

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