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I like to think that the smartest, most entrepreneurial people are reading this blog and making a difference in their own sphere of the world.  Actually, I know you are because I get your emails and comments and am always encouraged by the information sharing.  So I’m thinking we should kick it up a notch and someone out there, some Jetson Green reader, needs to win this Urban Re:Vision Re:Construct Competition.  The general goal of the competition is to uncover and reward innovation in sustainable materials and building practices.  Anything seems to be on the table, from planning codes to toilets, dry walls to moveable walls, etc.  You may create some new way to create a structure, a new technique, or a something else. 

Submissions are due September 15, 2008 and winners will be announced at West Coast Green.  Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

  • Sustainable building materials are the foundation of a sustainable city block.
  • Re:constructing the construction process itself.
  • Systems need to work together wherever possible.
  • How can we change and improve the current processes and technologies?
  • Construction needs to be multipurpose, efficient, livable, non-toxic, non-destructive, affordable, adaptable, and logical.
  • Consider a Zero-Net Energy Built Environment.
  • Think about dashboard technologies, biodegradable or 100% recyclable products, modular construction, green roofs, localized heat and power generation, LEED requirements and limitations, zero-waste, gray water and water capture, non-construction re-construction, daylighting, air quality, climate change requirements, solar, and cradle to cradle design.

One more thing.  There is a small $25.00 entry fee, but if you’re a reader and you win either a cash prize or an honorable mention, send me an email and Jetson Green will gladly reimburse your entry fee for you.  Visit the Re:Construct Competition Page.

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